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Factory construction / To avoid insect and pest infestation

從100平方公尺實驗室(一代廠)到250平方公尺show-room(二代廠)到3300平方公尺『NICE GREEn 全環控室內智能農場』皆由本公司工程團隊自行打造完成,充分具備興建各式植物工廠軟硬體相關技術、經驗與實績。

From 100 M² first plant to 250 M² second plant factory. and from 250 M² second plant factory to 3300 M² third plant factory. all of these fully controlled plant factories are constructed by our company's engineering group. and it's named "NICE GREEn Plant Factory". and we have all the related techniqes, experiences and performances for construction all kinds of plant factories.


The mission of TingMao is to protect human health and the environment, and we established a plant factory for 3300 M², and it's named "NICE GREEn". And the plant factory combined with software systems and hardware systems to simulate the optimal growth condition for all kinds of crops, our goal is not only reach to stably production annually, but also produce these crops of high quality, high nutrition, no pesticide residue, no heavy metals pollution, low nitrate, low bacterial counts and ready to eat vegetables Ting Mao not only builds plant factories and growth chambers depends on consumer's needs but also has the ability of cultivation of new target crops.

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